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Relax, for those of you who are SM-biased. I don’t mean the groups from SM, I meant the company itself, like, their management etc.

For those of you who know I’m YG-biased, just let me clarify that I’m typing this without any biased judgement, I swear.

And I was really tempted to write this after I watched SHINee’s MCD stage.

Okay so.

Firstly. I don’t understand why SM has to let their groups/artists lipsync the first few live stages, then let them sing live later on. I mean, what’s your reason for doing that? Do you not have confidence in your groups who have alr debut for at least 5 years? Do you not trust them to be able to give a good live performance?
SHINee, Suju, BoA and snsd. Let’s start with BoA.
Last year BoA had a comeback with Only One, and I really liked the song and dance, and it was the first BoA song I listened to. Personally, I care alot about live stages and lipsyncing. So when I saw that BoA actually lipsynced the first few live stages I was really disappointed. But later on she started singing live and I was shocked cos it was pretty damn good. I thought that maybe her live sucks or smth that’s why SM wanted her to lipsync, but no, BoA is perfectly fine with live stages.
I didn’t watch suju’s live stages so I’m not gonna talk about that.
SHINee. I’m a shawol. So yes I was totally like wtf when I saw that they lipsynced today’s mcd stage. I watched all of their music show stages for Sherlock and they sang live, never lipsynced, not even once.

And I don’t get why SM won’t let them sing live. Okay some of you may say that it’s just the first few stages, they do sing live later on. But let me tell you smth. There are people, like me, who don’t like groups that lipsync. So if they oh so coincidentally watched SHINee’s lipsynced stage, they’ll be like, “I thought they’ve debuted for a few years alr, why are they lipsyncing?” and therefore they’ll be disappointed.

SHINee, BoA, Exo and suju can all sing live well, so SM, why are you making them lipsync, even for just the first few stages?

One more thing. I really don’t like how SM is using the money they earned from SHINee and Suju on Exo and snsd (I’m not really sure about snsd but I’m pretty sure about exo). In case you guys didnt notice, there’s like a huge difference in Exo’s songs and MVs and Suju’s songs and MVs. Exo gets superpowers and Suju gets odd rooms. Sure I get it, Exo’s new and you want to make them look better, whereas Suju alr has a very solid fanbase, so you don’t have to worry about suju. But thing is, even with a solid fanbase, we’ll still want to see better songs from suju and not songs of the same style which sound (no offence okay I like suju too but srsly) a bit substandard. Sexy Free & Single was a fairly nice song, but look at Spy. Even many ELFs don’t quite like the song.

Anyway what I want to say is that SM is just pretty screwed up. I like their groups (most of them, at least) but the way they handle them is just like, ugh. It’s like they have so much talent on their hands, but they decide to stuff it all in a tiny box and contain it there, leaving it to shrivel and die.

So yeah. I hope SM changes their management or smth. Like, the way they manage their groups.

I think I just spent 20 mins typing this out. Okay. It’s 1:14am and I need to wake up for school at 6:15am, so goodnight.

And really this was totally unbiased.

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I’ve been in bangkok for the past 5 days so I’ve been behind on kpop news. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME I NEED SHINEE IN MY LIFE.

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First off, happy new year everyone! ^^

So I’m just gonna be talking about my experience with kpop in 2012 cos I’m random like that. So here goes.

I got into kpop in 2012. Like, really really into kpop. Y’know, finding out all their names, birthdays, birth names, old songs, new songs, watching every single live performance, buying albums etc etc.

I knew about kpop in 2010, through either Sorry Sorry, Nobody, or Lollipop (I can’t remember). I just listened to kpop songs and I’m like, this song is from Bigbang, suju, b2st, without knowing which member is which.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, but at first I thought that all of them looked the same and I got confused with all their names. The first Beast song I listened to was Say No (Take Care of my Girlfriend) cos my friends were spazzing of Gikwang. So I went home and watched the mv, and hell was I lost. I googled Gikwang’s pictures and tried to match his face to the one in the MV, but I just kept getting confused. Ny first, fatal mistake was looking at the hair colour. I pretty much screwed myself right there.

Near the end of 2011, I found out that my close friends actually liked kpop, so I got influenced and bam 2012 is kpop year for me. I first got into Bigbang, 2NE1 and Beast. Later on my friends introduced MBLAQ, Infinite and SHINee to me. In February when my friend told me to listen to Infinite’s Paradise, I told her I’d never be an Inspirit. HAHAHA BIG JOKE they’re my top 3rd group right now.

I’m actually glad that I got into kpop in 2012 because all the groups that I love/like had a comeback. Bigbang, 2NE1, Beast, Infinite, MBLAQ, SHINee. And so, I’d watch every single live performance (MCD, mubank, mucore, Inkigayo etc) and spazz with my friend about the members’ hair, outfit, vocals, dancing, blah blah blah (standard fangirling).

MAMA. Because of kpop, because I love kpop, I sat on my couch for 6 hours straight watching MAMA, screaming and spazzing (good thing no one was home) and praying my neighbours won’t call the police. In 2011 I did watch MAMA, hell it was in my own bloody country. I watched Beast’s and 2NE1’s performance but I didn’t sit through the entire thing like I did in 2012.

Gayo Daejun. KBS, SBS, MBC. Sure I’ve heard of Gayo Daejun in 2011, but I was super confused cos I didn’t know there 3 different Gayo Daejuns. So in 2012, I had more knowledge of kpop and now I understand hahahaha.

I started watching Running Man because of the Bigbang episode, and now I’m totally in love with Running Man. I started watching from episode 1 a month ago and I’m at episode 50+ now.

Also, many many many groups debut in 2012 and the competition is really getting tougher in the kpop industry.

2012, the year I really started to love kpop. Because of kpop my life was really better. When I was sad I’d listen to kpop. When I was happy I’d danced to kpop. When I was bored I’d watch Running Man. I even took part in this event at school and danced kpop with a couple of my other friends. Not to mention I went for Alive. ;)

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  • MBLAQ: I'm so glad they're alive omg they've been gone from all these performances for so long and then they suddenly come back with an injured arm, long hair, and blonde hair.
  • Infinite: Hairporn. Loved their stage, their dancing is simply amazing.
  • Exo: They didn't lipsync.
  • SHINee: YAY Tae's pants are baggier and holy shit the starting of Sherlock. 2 reasons why Onew and Key couldn't do the wall walk. #1 Onew will most prolly fall. #2 It'll mess up Key's hair.
  • 2NE1: CL got herself a furry coat but damn she still looks awesome. Dara's so pretty in that Chinese costume. Bom I want your long hair back, Minzy you little purple haired dance machine.
  • Dramatic Blue: LOL TOTALLY LOVED THE SKIT HAHAHAH they seem so close to each other! The song's so fun, unlike Dynamic Black's serious and sad song. And I personally like this group more than the others cos most of my biases are in it *shrug*
  • Dynamic Black: I prefer this song and dance cos I'm a sadistic person and I like sad songs. And the dance was (Y), considering you have 3 main dancers in the group. I know I said I like Dramatic Blue better, but that's as a group. Performance wise, I prefer Dynamic Black. (:
  • Mystic White/Dazzling Red: My favourite girl group is 2NE1 so I wasn't all that excited for these 2 groups' performance but they were still wonderful nonetheless. It was like sexy vs cute.

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    [TVNKPOPSTARHUNT2] Super Junior-Mr Simple (Cover) (by TheJerisaurus)

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  • SHINee rankings:
  • #6 Onew
  • #7 Minho
  • #8 Taemin
  • #9 Jonghyun
  • #11 Key

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    Finally I have SHINee on my dash.

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